The Agora : exploring our metaverse experiences and creating new supporters

Over the past months and following dozens of calls with interested prospects and clients, we determined that one of the main things that companies wanted out of the metaverse was the following : exposure.

Agoraverse creates virtual worlds and experiences that can be used as marketing devices, and one of the ways we offer exposure to your metaverse is through the Agora : a section of our website dedicated to browsing all of our existing metashops.

The Agora

Initially, the Agora was an open 3D virtual environment that allowed for multiplayer interaction and for the Agoraverse community to exchange and join their virtual property : the Lofts. It was released back in April, and allowed for the team to gather valuable feedback and experience.

Over the months, our focus shifted towards creating individual experiences for web 3 projects, and gradually, web 2 companies. The metaverse is still mainly regarded as a marketing stunt – which is fair when looking back at what it has been used for so far.

We know it is destined for far greater things, but we still need to play the game.

Our main inspiration for The Agora is YouTube, where you can endlessly browse videos recommended to you based on your likings and viewing history. We want to imitate this concept but apply it to our metaverse experiences.

We are strong believers in the fact that our experiences will retain by providing entertainment and value to visitors – simply put, offering them a good time. Some will likely even come back regardless of the brand that we work with, in order to experience our new creations. These inviduals represent an audience – one that is open to metaverse experiences for companies and thus, one that is valuable to our clients.

Metashops will all be assigned a tag that describes the nature of the industry they represent : NFTs, Luxury, Retail, SaaS, Cosmetics… This allows visitors to quickly be introduced to the relevant experiences for them. The home page of the Agora will also feature “Trending” metashops. Experiences that have had the most visits, positive feedback and attention over the course of a determined amount of time.

In the future, we can also imagine that you will be able to visit metashops created by your favorite Agoraverse architects, as we roll out the first steps in the creator economy program powered by the Agoraverse builder tool.

To sum everything up, by creating your virtual experience with Agoraverse, you are effectively benefitting from the attention and exposure of our entire ecosystem – one that is heavily in favour of metaverse experiences for companies. Your trafic will come from your existing customer base and branding, and will be supplemented by the audience of metaverse fans that is developping and expected to boom in 2030. Make your company future proof, starting today.

If you would like to learn more about Agoraverse, make sure to check out our whitepaper, product pages, and social media. If you would like to enquire about creating a metashop for your company, you can book a demo.

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