Online, you lose up to 90% of your audience

In average, websites convert 3% of their audience whilst physical locations reach 30%. We create metashops, which take advantage of the best in e-commerce and retail in order to fill the gap and boost growth.

E-commerce is lacking key components to convince and this results in limited performances.

What are the key factors to improve ?

What are the core differences between a physical and online store?

Visual and audio stimulation

A store is full of products, colours and liveliness.

Customer support and care

Clients are taken in charge by store clerks.

The possibility to try out a product

Clients can directly try on products.

Change the status quo by opening your metashop !

The best of retail and e-commerce in one single place to improve conversion, branding and retention.


In a metashop, product discovery is an adventure. They are showcased through a scenario, an objective system and in a high quality virtual environment.


Metashops are social experiences! You can meet other users and participate in events. Special care is dedicated to sound design and visuals to craft the perfect setting.


The user is welcomed by an AI sales assistant that guides him in his journey. It showcases him the brand, the products and can answer questions and make product recommandations.


A metashop’s product catalog is entirely modeled in 3D, meaning the user can make a better informed decision about his purchase. This improves conversion rates and reduces return rates.

Metashops offer better results than websites


The average user acquisition cost for a metashop. Similar to a website.

15 minutes

The average time spent in one of our experiences, which is 5 to 8 times better than a traditional website.


The average user redirection rate towards the checkout page, which is 4 times higher than the traditional website.

We fully commit to your success

Metashops are a new kind of product, which is why we do the upmost to guarantee your satisfaction.

Completely customised

We create experiences from scratch that fit your industry, brand and products.

While keeping it simple

Once the project is outlined during the kick-off meeting, we take charge creation to launch.


Metashops are sold using a subscription model, with marketing support included to conduct the perfect release.

What does the user journey look like? How can I complete a purchase?

Metashops are located on a web page, a user can access one through a traditional URL link that can be embedded to advertisment, marketing operations... Upon his arrival on the website he can enter a metashop in two clicks. The user can experience what the metashop has to offer and be redirected to the checkout page of the product he's interested in. The checkout experience remains unchanged and familiar.

Our company is not interested in the metaverse at the moment

Agoraverse is not a metaverse in the sense of an utopian video game, but an actual marketing tool that utilizes video game techniques to present products or services in an exciting manner. An immersive marketing experience that set you a part from the traditional website format and allows you to stand out while captivating your audience.

I don't think VR is at that stage yet

Neither do we! Agoraverse runs on internet browsers and not in VR, which means it is easily accessible to all. A metashop can be directly embedded to a web page and it only takes 10 seconds to launch.

How can I promote my metashop?

Promoting your store is like promoting a landing page, you can build organic traffic or use advertising. We help you to promote your store in our package.

Are metashops available on mobile?

The product is natively available on computers, but adapting the experience to mobile is possible for an additional fee.

Join us !

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